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Bringing Together Flooring Services

Scientific Flooring Services is a start-up company created to bring together key components – chemistry, training, testing, and inspecting- that are needed to service the flooring industry.   By combining these services, which are inherently linked to one another, but often treated as individual processes, investments made in flooring systems can be effectively protected and if needed, the source of failure identified before being “restored”.

Scientific Flooring Services recognizes that following the proper selection and installation of any flooring system, the correct chemistry and maintenance procedures must then be used to avoid the risk of floor failure, which brings with it the added costs and inconvenience associated with correcting the problem.

By being associated with Future Floor Technology, both high quality line flooring chemistry and the expertise associated with applying these products can be provided.  However, this expertise can also be provided for use with many other lines of high quality floor maintenance chemicals as these are also dependent upon having the correct procedures implemented by well trained, committed technicians. By being associated with Inspections Too, expertise related to Floor Failure (testing and inspecting) also can be provided.

Scientific Flooring Services, based out of Houston Texas, is focused on using a web based platform to share information related to the proper selection and installation of any flooring system, and using the correct chemistry and maintenance procedures, along with the associated testing and inspection services if needed.  This platform includes easy on-line ordering of chemicals, training tools, and application information.

Tools such as WordPress, Twiiter and Facebook will be used to facilitate communication which must be done in a respectful manner and strictly limited to industry topics (no vacation news).  While being a new start up with much to learn, partners supporting Scientific Flooring Services have extensive floor industry knowledge and a wealth of industry contacts, and the industry as a whole is invited to participate.